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About Emergency Fleet Service

Established in 1984, Emergency Fleet Service originated from the visionary insights of its founder, who identified a crucial need for top-notch emergency services during repair operations for various fleet shops, notably those associated with Consolidated Freightways. The company, based in Warren, MI, has since evolved into the largest emergency service provider in southeastern Michigan.

The company's commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is emphasized by its unique approach to handling clients. Rather than viewing themselves as mere service providers, Emergency Fleet Service aims to be an extension of their clients' businesses. This philosophy is reflected in their communication methods, ensuring that clients experience a seamless connection akin to contacting their own company.

To expedite response times and maintain efficient communication, the company operates a command and control center staffed around the clock. This center serves as the primary point of contact for clients, allowing them to stay connected until the issue is resolved. The center efficiently gathers relevant information, coordinates with service technicians using GPS-equipped trucks, and utilizes advanced software systems for streamlined billing and technical support.

A key aspect of the company's success lies in its empowered workforce. Technicians, stationed both in shops and on the road, make informed decisions that are promptly communicated to the command and control center, providing clients with real-time updates on recommended repairs. This approach not only enhances efficiency but also sets the company apart in terms of time management.

The company's commitment to exceptional customer service is reinforced by its policies, including a one-hour response time and cost-effective parts procurement from wholesalers. The invoicing method ensures transparency and clarity for clients regarding the services provided.

Despite its growth into a major service provider with over 600 accounts, including international companies, the company remains proactive. Regular visits to key accounts, active recruitment of new businesses, and emphasis on the company's longstanding reputation for quality services highlight its dedication to providing reliable emergency services, in-house repairs, and preventive maintenance for its diverse clientele.

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